Apply to Join the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) as a Country Representative

Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

As the principal intergovernmental organization of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Secretariat implements the collective decisions of its 56-member governments. The Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP), works with Commonwealth member governments, youth leaders and youth work professionals to develop and implement policy and programs for the empowerment of young people. The CYP aims to support member governments, youth leaders and youth professionals to create optimal enabling environments for young people to participate as equal partners in development and democracy. The CYP also facilitates and supports representative youth leaders to build national, regional and Pan-Commonwealth networks. 

Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network
Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

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Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

Under this backdrop the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) was created and aims to bring together young people from across the Commonwealth to optimize grassroots, national, regional and pan Commonwealth efforts that promote peace, respect & understanding and prevent violent extremism. These young people may range from community-level and policy-level peace advocates and creative. 

About Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

CYPAN was launched in November 2015 at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta where youth leaders from across the Commonwealth committed to the expansion of youth-led peace efforts across the various regions. The network was established with the support of the Youth Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat and in partnership with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue with funding from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 

The Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) is led by a youth team comprised of a Network Coordinator, five (5) Executive Committee members, Regional Coordinators, and Country Representatives. The team meets monthly (online) to coordinate, monitor, evaluate, and track progress and achievements of their grassroots and regional work.

Role of the Country Representative 

The main role of the Country Representative will be to coordinate the on-ground peace building work with a focus on supporting innovative peace-building campaigns done in the country. 

There will be a country representative identified for each Commonwealth country. Specific Duties include; 

1. Serving as a link between the Pan Commonwealth and Regional CYPAN to local communities. 

2. Setting up a working team at country level, to assist in executing at least 6 programs across the stipulated time frame whilst assisting in regional and network level programs. 

3. Overseeing all Network operational activities at country level, including managing public communication and visibility of the Network. 

4. Coordinating: sponsorship, directing, recruiting, training, and management of Network members in the country, with close consultation with the Regional Executives Committee. 5. Driving the Implementation of Network activities/ programs at the country level. 6. Organizing pre-conference proceedings at the country level and ensuring active participation of Network members in major Conferences, forum and events. 

7. Establishing partnerships with national organizations and institutions, private sector, government and other stakeholders within the country. 

8. Regular reporting to the Network at the country-level as well as to the CYPAN Executive. 9. Working in-country to promote social cohesion, respect and understanding. A monthly report and a final report is due at the end of the term of appointment or before the Country representative leaves office. 

Duration of Appointment 

The country representative will serve a term of one year, subject to performance reviews. The Country Representative is eligible for re-appointment as long as age and nationality criteria are met. If the Representative wishes to resign before the term of appointment expires, they may do so giving one month’s notice, in writing, to the CYPAN Coordinator along with handover documents. 

The position is home-based, with an estimated time commitment of about 15 hours per week. Candidates must be between 15 and 29 years to be eligible; and must be a citizen of a Commonwealth Country.

The ideal candidate has: 


  • Substantial knowledge of Peace and security, human rights and Preventing and countering Violent Extremism P/CVE sustainable development and discussions taking place at a global level. 
  • At least two years of demonstrated work experience in the design and delivery of youth development and/or youth-led development projects or participation programs related to sustainable development. (The work experience may be gained through either paid employment, volunteer, placement or internship positions or a combination of the aforementioned.) 
  • Knowledge on United Nations Security Council 2250 and subsequent resolutions. It will be a plus if the candidate has been/or is a member of a technical working group in the countries UNSCR2250 implementation strategy 
  • Experience establishing and maintaining productive working partnerships with key internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to Commonwealth values and experience planning and prioritizing work activities, as well as manage tight deadlines effectively. Ability to work autonomously and in teams, and in a multi-cultural work environment. with excellent leadership and diplomacy skills. 
  • Verbal and written communication skills in English; 

General Competencies 

∙ Respect for diversity 

∙ Working with others 

∙ Managing resources 

∙ Decision Making 

∙ Accountability 

∙ Leadership and Development 

∙ Adapting and Innovating 

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