Cover Letter for United Nations Job Vacancy

How should a sample cover letter for United Nations Job vacancy or other International Organisation opportunity look like? Cover letters for the United Nations/ International Organizations vacancy vary in form and structure depending on the position you are applying. Usually, candidates are encouraged to respond utilizing the descriptive words highlighted in the position advertised. This will enable the automatic screening system to automatically pick the relevant cover letters which highlight the experiences and competencies being sought after for the position which one is applying for.

Cover letters should entice the hiring manager to shortlist you for an interview. This does not mean that other application documents are not important. Therefore, a combination of a killer CV, a cover letter, academic qualifications, professional certifications as well as nailing the interview will enable one to secure a United Nations job vacancy . Below is a sample cover letter for a United Nations Consultancy position for a Coordinator on Health Solar Electrification:

Diplomat 4

Sam Levy Borrowdale

Harare, Zimbabwe

04 March 2022

The Hiring Manager

Diplomat 5

Health Section, Programme Groups

Unicef, Copenhagen 

Dear Hiring Manager


As an Individual with more than two years work experience and passionate about clean energy access in health and education facilities to strengthen health systems, I am persuaded that l am a competent candidate to undertake the Coordinator Health Facility Solar Electrification position.

As a United Nations Development Programme’s Project Assistant / Energy Specialist for Solar for Health project under the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (GTFAM), I have successfully coordinated and managed the UNDP’s internal technical working group as well as represent Namibia and Zimbabwe on UNDP regional knowledge platform on intersection of health and energy which includes Malawi, Zambia, Liberia (countries beneficiary of UNDP’s solar for health project). I possess experience in building and managing database of more than 1000 health facilities under installation of solar, managing installation, maintenance contracts as well as commissioning of the solar systems.

I am experienced in wide sustainable energy research, analyses of existing initiatives both in the United Nations system (internally) and externally, in energy and health to inform UNDP’s guidance in innovative public-private partnership solar for health project. This is evidenced by successfully producing a UNDP Namibia sustainable solar for health stakeholder consultation report (attached in my application) that is currently being utilised to source for funds from Global Climate Fund for the roll out of low emission and climate resilient health systems and services project.

My experience spans beyond development partner’s project implementation but includes research on outlining feasible sustainability plan for solar electrification of health facilities beyond development partners funds. I intend to use my skills set and expertise to manage the launch and sustainability of internal and external working group as well as manage knowledge, as l have already demonstrated this through coordinating for the solar for health in both Namibia and Zimbabwe. My strong coordination and negotiation skills have facilitated in strong buy in for co-financing between and among private and government partners for the success of the solar for health project.

The Health Energy Service Companies (HESCOs) under UNDP shares a lot of concept ideas with UNICEF’s HFSE. Having implemented and researched on the feasibility studies of the HESCOs, l am fully convinced l am a deserving candidate to transfer knowledge and coordinate the solar electrification agenda aimed at strengthening the Primary Health Care for UNICEF’s HFSE. I successfully undertook a practical thesis research on An ex-post evaluation to determine and enhance the sustainability of International development partner’s renewable energy projects, which landed me a position with UNDP Namibia, I believe if considered for the Coordinator Health Facility Solar Electrification position, I will be a good facilitator and collaborator for the external and internal working groups under HFSEs.

Thank you in anticipation of your consideration of my application for this position

Yours sincerely,


Diplomat 3

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