The INGENIOUS project has allocated €25.000 to support internationalisation missions to Africa, Asia, North and Latin America. Each Grant is worth €2.500. SMEs can apply for multiple Grants (Innovation, Internationalisation, and Training) as long as the total funding does not exceed €60.000 per applicant. Terms and conditions of participation and the application from are available to download below.

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The Eurocluster INGENIOUS supports Europe’s industry to gain sovereignty, to drive
competitive sustainability, to be the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, and to
shape Europe’s digital future. INGENIOUS has a special focus on SME support as they are the
backbone of the economy and will support them with the new steps on building resilience and
on the green and digital transition.

The INGENIOUS project serves as a lever for the companies to implement highly innovative
solutions via three financial instruments (Innovation Grants, Training Grants, and
Internationalization Grants). The total amount of direct financial support for SMEs under
INGENIOUS programme is 1.05 Million Euros.

The total budget reserved in the INGENIOUS project for the Financial support to third parties
for internationalisation missions is € 25.000 = 10 grants á € 2 500.
The current document contains all the necessary information related to the
Internationalisation Grants.

Contact person
Anna Marytová | Nanoprogress, z.s. | Nová 306, Pardubice, 530 09 Czech Republic
Financial support to third parties for missions
The applicants can apply only for one Internationalisation Grant (one grant worth € 2500)
keeping in mind that the total maximum funding will be € 60.000 per SME including all
financial support to third parties (Innovation grants and Training grants) within the INGENIOUS
Only Main Target countries below are available for funding from Ingenious project.

Target countries
Main Target
Specific options of target countries according to Ingenious
experience (examples)
Cape Verde
South African Republic
South Korea
North America Canada
Latin America
Main requirements for applicants
● The Internationalisation Grants address small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
that will choose any country from the main target countries mentioned above. Please
check if your companies is an SME via ttps:// or do the SME self-assessment
● Applicants need to submit their application via the INGENIOUS website using the
application form provided in the respective group: Internationalisation Grants:
Internationalisation grants – INGENIOUS (
● A motivation letter (not exceeding two DIN A4 page) needs to be filled-in in the
template from INGENIOUS: Internationalisation grants – INGENIOUS (
Application conditions
To be eligible for Internationalisation Grants, any submitted application should meet the
following conditions:
● Internationalisation activities should meet one of the above mentioned main target
destinations (Africa, Asia, North and Latin America)
● Applications must be written in English (applications partially written in another
language are not eligible)
● Applicants must be a SME (see paragraph above for further information)
● Applicants must be established in one of the eligible countries, i.e.:
− EU Member States (including overseas countries and territories (OCTs)) and Ukraine
− EEA countries and countries associated to the COSME part of the Single Market
Programme or countries which are in ongoing negotiations for an association
agreement and where the agreement enters into force before grant signature1
● Applicants can apply only for one INGENIOUS Internationalisation Grant, however, a
total maximum funding of € 60.000 per applicant applies
● All required fields in the template needs to be filled-in (applications with not all filledin fields are not eligible)
● Only given templates from the INGENIOUS website will be eligible (all other documents
will not be eligible)
● Applicants will have to demonstrate the need for the mission to target country in a
motivation letter, evaluated and approved by the INGENIOUS responsible
● Members of the cluster organisations participating in the project are eligible to apply,
but project partners are not.
In addition, for the whole selection and evaluation process and the duration of the agreement
with Mazovia Cluster ICT as INGENIOUS project coordinator, selected applicants must commit
● Comply with the obligations that the European Commission set in the Grant
Agreement with Mazovia Cluster ICT, including, among others:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest (Article 12 GA)
  • Maintain confidentiality (Article 13 GA).
  • Promote the action and give visibility to the EU funding (Article 17 GA).
  • Liability for damages (Article 33 GA).
  • Allow the Agency, the Commission, the European Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) and the
    Court of Auditors to exercise their powers of control on documents, information, even
    stored on electronic media, or on the recipient’s premises.
    ● Provide information on the internationalisation activities undertaken (nonconfidential), for communication and dissemination purposes, to both the INGENIOUS
    project partners and EISMEA – European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive
    Payment terms
    ● All payments will be made in Euro’s.
    ● The amount granted will not exceed € 2500 and will be disbursed to the beneficiary in
    one term
    ● Within 30 days after the internationalisation mission and upon approval of the
    confirmation of participation in the mission through INGENIOUS partner (copy of the
    travel documents and report from the mission including lessons learnt, confirmation
    needs to be send via email to
    ● Submission of an application does not constitute an entitlement for funding
    Please note that a minimum of 10% of selected organisations in the call must be established in a country
    other than the project partners’ countries.
    ● Submission of applications with the same name are going to be considered duplicates,
    and the latest version will be assessed
    ● The recipients of the (financial) support from INGENIOUS must ensure that the
    European Commission, the European Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) and the Court of
    Auditors (ECA) can exercise their powers of control, on documents, information, even
    stored on electronic media, or on the final recipient’s premises as detailed in Article 22
    and 23 of the Annotated Model Grant Agreement of the H2020 Programme
    ● Note on VAT (Value Added Tax): deductible VAT is not considered as an eligible cost,
    non-deductible and non-identifiable VAT is considered as an eligible cost
    ● Mission costs incurred before the date of submission the application are ineligible for
    remuneration. The submission of an application does not constitute an entitlement for
    Evaluation criteria and timeframe
    Two neutral INGENIOUS consortium partners will assess submitted applications. The
    evaluation process starts with the assessment of the eligibility of the applicant, according to
    the criteria above (see chapter: Main requirements for applicants and Application conditions).
    The assessment period takes max. 4 weeks starting from the application date. The applicant
    will receive an email about the outcome of the assessment and then the results will be
    published. The validity of the Internationalisation Grant is 6 months starting from the approval
    email date. The entirety of the lump sum must be utilized by the conclusion of the project.
    The evaluation of applications for Internationalisation Grants is based on three criteria in
    addition to the above-mentioned main requirements and application conditions. After the
    positive evaluation of these main requirements, the following criteria will be applied to
    evaluate the applications:
    Category Explanation
    Please explain why you chose mission in one of
    the target countries and what are your
    expectation from the mission
    40 Points 20 Points
    Please explain why this mission is so important to
    you and your SME
    40 Points 20 Points
    Please explain your motivation to the mission and
    to join the Internationalisation Grants
    20 Points 10 Points
    TOTAL 100 Points 70 Points
    Based on these criteria the applicant must provide relevant information and descriptions in
    the application form. To be considered for funding, the application must pass a threshold of
    70 points out of a maximum score of 100 points. To ensure a consistent minimum quality for
    all award criteria, each sub-criterion needs to score at least half of the points available for the
    Redress procedure
    For any enquiries and/ or complaints regarding the INGENIOUS lump sum scheme, please
    contact or your local contact point (page 2). A request for redress
    can only be based on objective, clear, and well-documented evidence of the reasons for the
    complaint. It must clearly identify the application and be submitted by someone legally
    authorised to represent the applicant within ten calendar days of receiving notice of your
    evaluation results to the following email address: A redress
    committee, including representatives from INGENIOUS partnership members, will review the
    case and recommend an appropriate course of action. Its role is to ensure a coherent legal
    interpretation of requests and equal treatment of applicants. The redress procedure is
    concerned only with the evaluation process, and the scientific or technical judgement of the
    qualified experts is not in doubt. Only one request for redress per application will be
    considered. All requests for redress will be treated in confidence.
    Overview of Internationalisation Grants
    Number of internationalisation grants: 10
    Call Opening Date: May 22nd, 2023 at 09.00 hrs CEST
    Call Closing Date: September 30th, 2024 at 17.00 hrs CEST.
    The consortium retains the option to end the open call
    ahead of schedule if the budget is exhausted, but it will
    remain accessible for a minimum period of two months.
    Grant amount: € 2.500 (financial support)
    INGENIOUS budget: € 25.000
    Participants (SME’s): 1
    Gender equality
    INGENIOUS seeks gender balance. Therefore, applicants are invited to take all measures to
    promote equal opportunities between men and women in the implementation of the action.
    They must aim for a gender balance at all levels of personnel assigned to the action, including
    supervisory and managerial levels to the extent possible.
    Data processing
    Data included in the application forms will be used solely for the purpose of the evaluation
    process of the call, and may be shared among the INGENIOUS partners. In order to receive the
    financial support, the selected organisations must consent that their data are used within the
    whole duration of the project, including with the European Commission and for
    communication and dissemination purposes. Details about this will be included in the
    agreement between the selected organisations and Mazovia Cluster ICT (INGENIOUS
    Coordinator). Terms and conditions of the processing of personal data and the requirements
    of GDPR in Poland. For any questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact: Ewa Rekosz
    Consent to publication
    The INGENIOUS consortium shall be granted the authorization to disclose the subsequent
  • Description of actions undertaken by the beneficiaries
  • Date of the grant allocation
  • Duration of the funding
  • Name of the beneficiaries and corresponding websites.
    Purpose: This guide serves solely for informational purposes, providing an explanation of the
    INGENIOUS Internationalisation Grants. No rights can be derived from this document. This
    document does not reflect the views of the European Commission.
    Mistakes or inconsistencies: The INGENIOUS consortium is not responsible for any mistakes
    or misinterpretations that this text may cause. In the case of inconsistencies, the INGENIOUS
    Steering committee will determine the steps to be taken, in cooperation with the applicant
    Consequential Damages: In no event shall either party be liable to the other or any of its
    affiliates for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, punitive or exemplary damages
    (including, without limitation, lost profits, business or goodwill) suffered or incurred by such
    other party or its affiliates in connection with this voucher scheme, even if advised of the
    possibility of such damages.


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