Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024 in the UK

Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024

Clarendon not only offers over 200 new, fully-funded scholarships each year to assist outstanding graduate scholars, but also the opportunity to join one of the most active, internationally diverse, and multidisciplinary communities at Oxford. Change your life and apply for the Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024.

Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024
Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024

Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024

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Why Clarendon?

Clarendon scholarships not only provide students with a life-changing opportunity to study at Oxford, but also the chance to form long-lasting social, academic, and professional connections within a lively community. If you’ve been offered a Clarendon scholarship, it is because the University believes that you are an outstanding applicant. But what distinguishes Clarendon from other funding schemes? Here are just five of the many reasons.

1. Fully-funded scholarships

Clarendon offers fully-funded scholarships covering course fees as well as a grant for living expenses for the period of fee liability. We support our scholars by reducing the financial barriers to graduate study, enabling our scholars to focus on their studies. Furthermore, by offering living expenses, it provides our scholars with the opportunity to live an active life within Oxford and, most importantly, the time to relax and socialize away from their studies

2. Academic calibre

With sole focus on selecting the best students in their field of study from across the world, Clarendon scholars are amongst the best and brightest. For this reason, Clarendon scholarships are highly competitive and coveted amongst the Oxford graduate community.

3. A diverse community

By removing the barriers for selection, the Clarendon community has one of the most diverse populations in Oxford. Clarendon strives to celebrate these differences by admitting students from any discipline, from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s African Studies or Zoology, Afghanistan or Zimbabwe, Clarendon will always support the highest-achieving applicants. This diversity provides great opportunities for interaction and collaboration which in turn builds a community for all.

4. A vibrant community

Funding isn’t everything that Clarendon offers. Scholars benefit from membership to the lively Clarendon Scholars’ Association, run by the scholars themselves, who strive to enrich their members’ time by fostering a positive and stimulating community. Normally, your fellow scholars are the first people you meet when you get to Oxford to begin your studies. The community helps you meet and get to know your fellow scholars as well as providing a platform for sharing ideas, experience, skills, and creating initiatives.

5. We aim to be different

Clarendon aims to be different from other funding schemes which just pay your way; by creating a community of the brightest minds, we offer you a graduate experience that will inspire you to excellence. We can’t wait to welcome you to Oxford!

Information for applicants

If you apply for a full-time or part-time Master’s or DPhil at Oxford by the relevant January deadline for your course, you will be automatically considered for a Clarendon scholarship.

Full-time applicants

Our scholarships are open to all subject areas and to all candidates who apply for a new Master’s or DPhil course by the December or January admissions deadline, whichever is relevant to your course.

Graduate application deadline

By applying for graduate study you will automatically be considered for a Clarendon scholarship. You do not need to submit any additional documents and there are no separate scholarship application forms for Clarendon. You must apply by the December or January admissions deadline, whichever is relevant to your course in order to be considered. Deadline information is available on the course pages.


Clarendon scholarships cover course fees in full.  This applies to Home and Overseas fee status students. Scholars on a full-time course will receive an annual grant for living expenses of at least the minimum Research Council doctoral stipend rate, which is normally sufficient to cover the living costs of a single student living in Oxford. In 2023-24, you should expect to receive at least £17,668.


Clarendon scholarships are normally offered for the full period of fee liability. This is the period for which you are liable to pay course fees to the University. The fee liability page explains this in full, and also gives information about charges that may be applied after this period, known as continuation charges, which are not covered by the Clarendon Fund.

In some cases the academic division has the discretion to extend your scholarship to cover an additional period of study where the course is known to require additional time. The extension period applies to living expenses only and not to any continuation charges. Scholars will be notified in their offer letter if an extension to funding is provided.

Nationality or Ordinary Residence

There are no restrictions by nationality or country of ordinary residence. Clarendon scholars come from across the world: from the USA to Australia, Venezuela to Vietnam and from Norway to Nigeria. 

Level of study

All full-time DPhil and Master’s courses are eligible, as long as you have applied by the relevant January deadline for your course. A list of all the graduate courses offered by the University of Oxford can be found on the courses page.

Other criteria

Candidates applying to start a new DPhil or Master’s course at Oxford are eligible. This includes students who are currently studying for a Master’s degree at Oxford but who will be re-applying for a DPhil or applying for a second Master’s course.

Deferred offers or current students

Applicants who hold a deferred graduate offer are not eligible to be considered for this scholarship. Current students who will continue to study for the same degree at Oxford in the next year are not eligible for this scholarship.

Apply Here for the Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024

Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024

Fully Funded Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024

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