Latest 141 New Jobs at GIZ offering Higher Salaries and Benefits

Are you looking for a job with an International development organisation? Apply for Latest 141 New Jobs at GIZ offering Higher Salaries and Benefits.

Latest 141 New Jobs at GIZ offering Higher Salaries and Benefits
Latest 141 New Jobs at GIZ offering Higher Salaries and Benefits

Latest 141 New Jobs at GIZ offering Higher Salaries and Benefits

Head of the digital transformation component of MSME for the project “Digital solutions for sustainable development in Nigeria”LagosICT and digitization07/30/23
Advisor on international climate policyBonn
climate change and environment07.08.23
Development Worker as Advisor (m/f/d) for Innovative Digital Approaches in the GIZ Civil Society Program in the Palestinian TerritoriesRamallahICT and digitization08/13/23
Communications intern in the global project “Centers for Migration and Development”Eschbornoffspring07/28/23
Intern at the RNE office in Berlin – sustainability policy and sustainable communitiesBerlinoffspring07/28/23
Intern for the project “Support to UNHCR in the implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees in the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus” (SUN-GCR)Kampalaoffspring07/30/23
Intern event management and communication in the program “Proklima – Integrated Climate and Ozone Protection”Eschbornoffspring07/30/23
Intern in Recruiting / Human Resources at GIZ International ServicesEschbornoffspring07/30/23
Project manager in the sector project “Sustainable consumption – standard systems/seals”BonnBusiness06.08.23
Specialist planner in public finance with a focus on personal incomeEschborngovernance06.08.23
Intern (m/f/d) for the ICR FacilityBrusselsoffspring07/27/23
Intern in the liaison office for companies and foundationsEschbornoffspring07/28/23
Development Worker (m/f/d) as Digital Ambassador – Innovation SpecialistLagosICT and digitization09.08.23
Regional Coordinator (m/f/d) for Cocoa in West AfricaAbidjanrural development09.08.23
Accounting clerk in the finance team – GIZ International ServicesEschbornProcessing, office management, translation07/26/23
Consultant for the integration of renewable energiesCasablancainfrastructure07/26/23
Junior consultant in the global project TUMI Just MobilityEschborninfrastructure07/26/23
Intern in the program management of the Business Scout for Development programEschbornoffspring12/31/23
Specialist in tender and contract managementEschborn
Procurement and contract management06.08.23
Policy advisor (m/f/d) Urban Planning and Basic Service DeliveryMaputogovernance07/25/23
Intern in the organizational development groupEschbornoffspring07/26/23
Intern in the global project “Initiative Resource Efficiency and Climate Protection (IREK) IIEschbornoffspring07/25/23
Intern (m/f/d) in the sector project “Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”Bonnoffspring07/26/23
Intern for policy advice on sustainable public (textile) procurementBonnoffspring07/26/23
Junior finance manager of the project ‘NDC Transport Initiative for Asia’Bonn
Financial management and controlling07/26/23
Internal (m/f/d) Digital learning specialist for Learning Management Platform atingiBonnoffspring07/26/23
Junior Advisor on Fisheries and Food Security in YemenammanForest, biodiversity, marine protection07/26/23
Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS)Beirutpeace, security and emergency relief8/8/23
Internship in communication in the team of the evaluation department managementBonnoffspring07/26/23
Internship in transitional aidEschbornoffspring07/26/23
Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) for the ECCC and the implementation of the residual phasePhnom Penhpeace, security and emergency relief8/8/23
Consultant in the field of circular economy and resource efficiency at the Agency for Economics and DevelopmentBerlinclimate change and environment06.08.23
Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) for network development in the Cambodia projectPhnom Penhknowledge management8/8/23
Team Leader (m/f/d) Demand Side Management, Social Infrastructures and Renewable Energy Expansion – Mobilization of strategic Technical AssistanceLuxembourgCountry, portfolio and project management08/15/23
Expert (m/f/d) Energy efficiencyLuxembourginfrastructure08/15/23
Intern in the Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains (INA)Bonnoffspring07/25/23
Head of the Cameroon component in the “Large-scale Forest Landscape Restoration in Africa” ​​programBafoussamForest, biodiversity, marine protection07/17/23
IT consultant for IT security coordinationEschbornICT and digitization07/31/23
Junior Advisor in Sustainable FinanceEschbornBusiness07/31/23
Communications intern in the S4GIZ project, workstream HR processesEschbornoffspring07/25/23
Intern in the International Smart Cities NetworkBerlinoffspring07/25/23
Junior consultant in the project “Modernization of the official evaluation and training system in Tunisia”Tunisgovernance07/18/23
Intern in the ÜH project to strengthen resilience and participation at the local level in Yemen – focus on monitoring and communication, social cohesion and food securityammanoffspring07/25/23
Junior consultant in the International Smart Cities NetworkBerlingovernance07/17/23
Advisor (m/f/d) at the Program for Energy Efficiency in BuildingsBonninfrastructure07/30/23
Intern in the environmental policy componentBonnoffspring07/23/23
Intern (m/f/d) for the German-Indian digital dialogueBerlinoffspring07/23/23
Internship in topic management climate, environment, infrastructureBonnoffspring07/20/23
Specialist planner in land governance and land useEschbornrural development07/23/23
Advisor in peace mediationBerlinpeace, security and emergency relief07/20/23
Junior consultant for transformative agricultural and food economy in the sector project agricultureBonnrural development07/17/23
Intern for consulting & communication in the field of digital transformation and IT solutions (DIGITS)Eschbornoffspring07/21/23
Junior Specialist Data and Digitization in TransportBonn
Internship “Specialist advice” and “Impact-oriented monitoring” in the global project “Soil protection and soil rehabilitation for food security”Bonnoffspring07/20/23
Intern in the department “Rural Development and Agriculture” in the global project Sustainability and Value Creation in Agricultural Supply ChainsBonnoffspring07/21/23
Intern in the Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains, INABonnoffspring07/21/23
Intern in the sector project FlightBonnoffspring07/21/23
Internship in the field of tourism in the sector project cooperation with the economyBerlinoffspring07/21/23
Intern in the sector project for peace and security, disaster risk managementBonn
Intern in the food security sector projectBonnoffspring07/21/23
Intern (m/f/d) ICT support openIMIS initiativeBonnoffspring07/20/23
Junior advisor in climate financeBonnclimate change and environment07/19/23
Project manager implementation of pilot projects in SV Sustainable Consumption BonnBusiness07/19/23
Junior Advisor (m/f/d) on Green Industrialization in UzbekistanTashkentBusiness07/30/23
Humanitarian Aid Advisor to the Federal Foreign OfficeBerlinpeace, security and emergency relief07/18/23
Intern (m/f/d) in the sector project Sustainable Consumption (Green Button office)Bonn
Internship in MHPSS and social cohesion for communities in UkraineEschbornoffspring07/19/23
Intern “Supporting structural change in the Ukrainian coal regions”Berlin
Intern in the global project Alliances for Trade FacilitationEschbornoffspring07/18/23
Intern in the area/project: global project “Responsible Land Policy”Bonnoffspring07/18/23
Intern in the Rural Development sector project – focus on agroecological transformationBonnoffspring07/18/23
Intern (m/f/d) in Learning Management Platform atingi: Learner and Partner ManagementBonnoffspring07/18/23
Intern in the develoPPP program – development partnerships with businessEschbornoffspring07/18/23
Intern in the “Risk Finance & Insurance” teamBonnoffspring07/18/23
Organization / management consultantBonnCountry, portfolio and project management07/17/23
Junior Recruiter (m/f/d) in international development cooperation – GIZ International ServicesEschbornhuman Resource07/17/23
Development Worker (m/f/d) Strengthening the influence of Palestinian refugees on their living conditions in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) regionammanpeace, security and emergency relief06.08.23
Intern in the global project climate change and migrationBonnoffspring07/16/23
Intern in the global project climate change and migrationBonnoffspring07/16/23
Specialist in compliance with a focus on internal control systems and digitization Eschborngovernance07/30/23
Junior consultant monitoring and evaluationPretoriaclimate change and environment07/17/23
Intern in the climate sector project on the subject of climate communicationBonnoffspring8/2/23
Intern in the city sector projectBonnoffspring07/17/23
Project leader ‘Indo-German Support Project for Climate Action in India’New Delhiclimate change and environment07/16/23
Development Worker as an Advisor (m/f/d) in Kumasi/Ghana to support Training of Trainers and TVET TeachersKumasiBusiness07/30/23
Junior consultant in the energy sector projectBonninfrastructure07/21/23
Development Worker as an Advisor (m/f/d) within the framework of the program “Supporting the Transformation of Vocational Education and Training”tamaleBusiness07/30/23
Development worker as a consultant in the vocational school center in NacalaNacalaBusiness07/27/23
Specialist in ELVIS area communicationEschborncommunication and public relations07/27/23
Development worker in NacalaNacalaBusiness07/27/23
IT consultant in the data protection management groupEschborn
ICT and digitization07/26/23
Intern (m/f/d) for impact communication in the field of Good Financial GovernanceBonnoffspring07/15/23
Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) for Peace Education in Timor-Leste (Duty Station Cambodia)Phnom Penhpeace, security and emergency relief07/30/23
Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) in designing peace education on the Khmer Rouge TribunalPhnom Penhpeace, security and emergency relief07/30/23
Specialist in SAP basic administrationBonn
ICT and digitization07/30/23
Office Manager for the Digital Transformation ClusterBonnProcessing, office management, translation07/26/23
Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) participation and civic engagement of youthdschangpeace, security and emergency relief07/24/23
Intern in the “Purchasing and Contracts” department for procurement management at GIZBonnoffspring12/31/23
Team Leader (m/f/d) Technical assistance to Montenegro in support of public services provision and human resources managementPodgoricagovernance07/27/23
Expert (m/f/d) on (e-) public service provision and quality managementPodgoricagovernance07/27/23
Team Leader (m/f/d) Technical Assistance to the Program EU Support to Green Economy in Jordanammanclimate change and environment07/26/23
Advisor on international forest-related climate financeBonn
Forest, biodiversity, marine protection07/23/23
Development worker for a vocational training center in the field of plant mechanicsTrang BomBusiness07/17/23
Development Worker (m/f/d) for Organizational DevelopmentRamallahOrganizational and management consulting07/23/23
(In-house) IT system administrator in Windows ServerBonn
ICT and digitization07/30/23
Development worker (m/f/d) in the field of Sanitary, Heating and Climate TechnologyTrang BomBusiness07/17/23
Expert (m/f/d) for Circular Economy with a focus on Resources Efficiencyammanclimate change and environment07/26/23
Expert (m/f/d) of Energy-Water-Food Nexus economic analysis, monitoring and evaluationammanclimate change and environment07/26/23
IT architect with a focus on data architectureEschborn
ICT and digitization06.08.23
Development Worker (m/f/d) in MicrofinanceAccraBusiness07/18/23
Junior Accounts Payable SpecialistBonnFinancial management and controlling07/19/23
Specialist planner data for sustainable developmentEschbornICT and digitization07/28/23
Clerk in the groups HR Planning and Development & HR PartnerEschbornhuman Resource07/18/23
Senior Advisor (m/f/d) for the Program for Infrastructure Development in AfricaAddis Ababagovernance07/23/23
Specialist in travel management – implementation of SAP ConcurEschborn
human Resource07/18/23
Specialist (m/f/d) for Monitoring and Evaluation within the Global Energy Transformation Program (
Project Manager “Introduction of SAP S/4HANA – Workstream Finance”EschbornFinancial management and controlling07/18/23
Clerk in the order accountingEschbornProcessing, office management, translation07/20/23
Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) for conflict sensitive media workMorotocommunication and public relations07/23/23
Internship in the representative office in BerlinBerlinoffspring07/29/23
Specialist in purchasing in international cooperationEschbornProcurement and contract management07/16/23
Junior specialist in purchasing in international cooperationEschbornProcurement and contract management07/16/23
Intern in the sector project agricultureBonnoffspring12/31/23
Internship for monitoring and evaluation in the fund for the promotion of innovations in the agricultural and food industry (i4Ag)Bonnoffspring07/26/23
(Junior) contract manager for the procurement of servicesEschbornProcurement and contract management08/31/23
Legal trainee in the legal and insurance departmentEschborn
Contract clerk for the procurement of servicesEschbornProcurement and contract management08/31/23
Advisor on marine biodiversity in the sector project “Biodiversity-Environment-Seas”BonnForest, biodiversity, marine protection07/23/23
Internship on the topic of digitization at the IT partners in the sector and global projects (GloBe)Bonnoffspring07/18/23
Intern for the CONNEX Support UnitBonnoffspring07/18/23
Legal trainee in the sector program “Resources and Development”Bonnoffspring12/31/24
Legal trainee in the global project “Combating illegal financial flows”Bonn
Intern at the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ)Bonn
Development workers as Digital AmbassadorsSeveral locationsICT and digitization01/31/24
Development workers (m/f/d) as Digital AmbassadorsSeveral locationsICT and digitization01/31/24
Legal trainee for the optional station with a focus on administrative lawBerlinoffspring12/31/23
Intern in the information security management groupEschbornoffspring08/12/23
Legal trainee in the governance projectBonn
Internship for communication in cooperation with the economyEschbornoffspring12/31/23
Legal trainee anti-corruption and integrityBonnoffspring12/31/25
Trainee for the CONNEX Support UnitBonn

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