New Call to Apply for Life Changing GIZ Jobs (over 80 positions on offer)

New Call to Apply for Life Changing GIZ Jobs (over 80 positions on offer)

GIZ is offering an opportunity for interns, junior, mid to senior level professionals to join and fulfill its mission . Respond to this New Call to Apply for Life Changing GIZ Jobs (over 80 positions on offer). Sounds exciting ?check below for open positions and click on the job titles to apply !Best Wishes

New Call to Apply for Life Changing GIZ Jobs (over 80 positions on offer)
New Call to Apply for Life Changing GIZ Jobs (over 80 positions on offer)

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New Call to Apply for Life Changing GIZ Jobs (over 80 positions on offer)

job titleLocationArea of ​​Expertiseapplication time
Intern in the regional division Europe, Mediterranean, Central Asia (EMZ)Eschbornoffspring06/02/23
Internship in international economic cooperation with a focus on IndiaEschbornoffspring06/02/23
Internship in the Competence Center for Health and Social SecurityEschbornoffspring06/02/23
Head of the construction service unitEschborninfrastructure07.06.23
Development worker (m/f/d) as Digital Ambassador for Technical Vocational Education and TrainingPhan Rang (Ninh Thuan Province)ICT and digitization06/13/23
Finance manager for the international secretariat for the implementation of the ‘InsuResilience Global Partnership’ and the Global Climate Protection ShieldBonnFinancial management and controlling05/24/23
Controller in the regional area Asia, Pacific, Latin America and the CaribbeanEschbornFinancial management and controlling06/18/23
(In-house) IT system administrator in Windows ServerBonn
ICT and digitization05/31/23
Intern in the sector project “Transitional Aid as an Instrument of Crisis Management”Bonnoffspring05/31/23
(In-house) UX specialistEschbornICT and digitization06/13/23
Service manager in seminar room services at the Kottenforst campusBonn-RöttgenProcurement and contract management06/18/23
Personnel clerk with a focus on support and accountingEschbornhuman Resource06/12/23
Internship on the topic of digitization at the IT partners in the sector and global projects (GloBe)Bonnoffspring05/30/23
Internship in communication in the project WIDU.Africa – the support platform for micro and small businesses in Africa in collaboration with the diaspora in EuropeTunisoffspring05/29/23
Intern in the regional departments Middle East I and IIEschbornoffspring05/30/23
Specialist (m/f/d) Strategic communications for the NAMA FacilityBerlinclimate change and environment05/23/23
Intern in the Centers for Migration and Development programEschbornoffspring05/30/23
Intern in the IKI framework project on climate foreign policy for the Federal Foreign OfficeBerlinoffspring05/29/23
Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) participation and civic engagement of youthdschangpeace, security and emergency relief06/04/23
Intern for the German – Indonesian digital dialogueBerlin
Specialist in security technologyEschbornsecurity risk management05/28/23
Trainee at the RNE office – Sustainable Business/Finance and German Sustainability Code (DNK)Berlinoffspring05/30/23
Office manager in the global project Transformation of Food SystemsBonnProcessing, office management, translation05.06.23
Clerk for event management in Learning Center 3 of the AIZBonnProcessing, office management, translation06/14/23
Intern in the field of external and internal communication in the H2Uppp project – implementation of the International Hydrogen Ramp-up ProgramEschbornoffspring05/29/23
Clerk in the human resources departmentEschbornhuman Resource06/11/23
Trainee for Sustainable ProcurementEschbornoffspring06/11/23
Intern (m/f/d) at the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Secretariat in BonnBonnoffspring05/28/23
Intern in the field of climate financeEschbornoffspring06/16/23
Intern in the field of educationBonnoffspring05/29/23
Intern for the project ‘Prevention of sexualised and gender-based violence’ in RwandaKigalioffspring05/26/23
Junior project manager in the develoPPP programEschbornBusiness05/22/23
Internship in the field of digital communicationBonnoffspring05/27/23
Office manager in the Europe, Mediterranean and Central Asia division managementEschbornProcessing, office management, translation06/02/23
Intern at the Academy for International Cooperation – employee training in order, project and cooperation managementBonnoffspring05/24/23
Specialist in information security management systemEschborn
ICT and digitization06/11/23
Internship in communication and public relations of the initiative for sustainable agricultural supply chainsBonnoffspring05/25/23
Intern in the Quality and Sustainability groupBonnoffspring05/25/23
Intern in the project “One Health Data Alliance Africa”Eschbornoffspring05/25/23
Advisor (m/f/d) for the Pan-African E-Commerce InitiativeKigaliBusiness05/31/23
Project Assistant (m/f/d): Security Cooperation in and with Asia – GIZ International ServicesBerlinCountry, portfolio and project management6/1/23
Intern in preparation for departure with a focus on portfolio development and event managementBonnoffspring05/24/23
Intern at the Competence Center for Economic Policy and Private Sector PromotionEschbornoffspring05/25/23
Intern in preparation for departure with a focus on communication and digital learningBonnoffspring05/24/23
Intern in the Special Initiative “Decent Work for a Just Transition”, focus on private sector development, Kigali, RwandaKigalioffspring05/28/23
Internship in public relations, knowledge management and event management for the “Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao eV”Eschbornoffspring05/25/23
Intern in the global project “National implementation of global biodiversity goals”Bonnoffspring05/24/23
Financial manager in the global project “Energizing Development”Eschborn
Financial management and controlling05/23/23
Advisor set-up and coordination of government advice “Health risks in contact with wild animals”EschbornForest, biodiversity, marine protection05/24/23
Intern at the project “Sustainable Urban Development – Smart Cities II”New Delhioffspring05/24/23
Advisor for sustainable transformation of agricultural and food systems in the sector project agricultureBonnrural development07.06.23
Advisor in the sector project GovernanceBonngovernance05/24/23
Intern in the area/project: Agenda 2030 sector project, reducing poverty and inequalityBonnoffspring05/24/23
Intern monitoring and topic work for the “Forum Nachnachhaltiger Kakao eV”Bonnoffspring05/25/23
Short-term development worker with a focus on land rightskaolacrural development05/29/23
Junior Advisor for Climate Resilient Economic DevelopmentBerlinBusiness05/28/23
Project manager in the climate change and energy clusterIslamabadclimate change and environment05/25/23
In-house technician in property and building managementBerlinProcurement and contract management05/31/23
SAP consultant (in-house) specializing in SAP HCMEschbornICT and digitization6/6/23
(Junior) IT developer in SAP (in-house) with a focus on SAP HCMEschbornICT and digitization6/6/23
Intern for the GenerationDigital project! in the Digital Transformation in Africa groupEschbornoffspring05/22/23
Trainee for training coordination and communication in the purchasing and contracts departmentEschbornoffspring05/22/23
Intern as PMO in the project “Large Scale Solution S4GIZ” for APLAK (Asia, Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean)Eschbornoffspring05/22/23
IT consultant for IT security coordinationEschbornICT and digitization05/28/23
Intern to support country management in the “Asia I” departmentEschbornoffspring05/22/23
Internship for rural development and geoinformationEschbornoffspring05/22/23
Intern in the “Project development with business” component of the sector project Cooperation with businessEschbornoffspring05/21/23
Advisor One Digital Health EschbornICT and digitization06/04/23
Intern for the sector project “Financial System Development, Sustainable Financing and Investments”Eschbornoffspring05/21/23
HR clerk in international recruitment – ​​GIZ International ServicesEschbornProcessing, office management, translation05/29/23
Part-time office assistant at the Council for Sustainable DevelopmentBerlinProcessing, office management, translation05/31/23
Senior specialist for IT architecture “Digital4Development” (D4D)Eschborn
ICT and digitization05/21/23
Consultant in innovation ecosystem developmentEschbornICT and digitization05/28/23
Expert (m/f/d) Energy efficiencyLuxembourginfrastructure06/30/23
Team Leader (m/f/d) Demand Side Management, Social Infrastructures and Renewable Energy Expansion – Mobilization of strategic Technical AssistanceLuxembourgCountry, portfolio and project management06/30/23
Advisor in the education sector project with a focus on financing modalities in multilateral educational cooperationBonn
education and social affairs06/04/23
Expert (m/f/d) ElectrificationLuxembourginfrastructure06/30/23
Specialist in international contract managementEschbornProcurement and contract management05/31/23
International TVET Expert and Team Leader (m/f/d): ASEAN Swiss TVET Initiative (ASTI)Phnom Penheducation and social affairs05/21/23
Team Leader (m/f/d) Supporting the IPA Operating Structure in Project Planning and Finance Management in Environment SectorSkopjeclimate change and environment06/03/23
Junior Project Manager (m/f/d) Private Sector Clients – GIZ International ServicesEschbornCountry, portfolio and project management05/21/23
Intern (m/f/d) within the International Services Division in the Region “Anglophone Africa”Eschbornoffspring10/27/23
Intern in the young talent programs group in internship management and in the development cooperation trainee programEschbornoffspring05/31/23
Financial management trainee abroadEschbornFinancial management and controlling05/26/23
Clerk in the initiative for sustainable agricultural supply chainsBonn
Procurement and contract management05/28/23
Intern for public relations and monitoring & evaluationEschbornoffspring05/26/23
Internship in innovation support at the Kottenforst campusBonn-Röttgenoffspring05/22/23
Buyer / contract manager with a focus on construction workEschbornProcurement and contract management05/28/23
Experto*a en temas de desarrollo económico y sostenibilidad, with profound conocimiento del contexto local peruano y latinoamericanoLimaBusiness05/20/23
Experto*a en articulación de plataformas y ecosistemas circulares multiactorLimaBusiness05/20/23
Consultant specializing in Talent Management SystemsEschborn
ICT and digitization05/21/23
Internship Communication in the project Large Scale Solution S4GIZ (LSS S4GIZ)Eschbornoffspring05/27/23
HR Manager Recruiting (m/f/d) in international development cooperation – GIZ International ServicesEschbornhuman Resource05/29/23
Project controller in the finance team – GIZ International ServicesEschbornFinancial management and controlling05/29/23
Intern in program management and monitoring of the Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chain InitiativeBonnoffspring05/30/23
Intern in the SV program Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains and Standards – component multi-stakeholder partnershipsBonnoffspring06/18/23
Project Manager (m/f/d) for the Region Francophone Africa – GIZ International ServicesEschbornCountry, portfolio and project management05/21/23
Legal trainee in the sector program “Resources and Development”Bonnoffspring12/31/24
Legal trainee in the global project “Combating illegal financial flows”Bonn
Intern at the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ)Bonn
(Junior) contract manager for the procurement of servicesEschbornProcurement and contract management05/31/23
Internship in communications consultingBonnoffspring05/31/23
Development workers as digital ambassadorsSeveral locationsICT and digitization01/31/24
Development workers (m/f/d) as Digital AmbassadorsSeveral locationsICT and digitization01/31/24
Contract clerk for the procurement of servicesEschbornProcurement and contract management05/20/23
Legal trainee for the optional station with a focus on administrative lawBerlinoffspring12/31/23
Intern in the information security management groupEschbornoffspring08/12/23
Legal trainee in the governance projectBonn
Intern in the young talent programs group in internship management and in the development cooperation trainee programBonnoffspring12/31/23
Legal trainee in the legal and insurance departmentEschborn
Legal trainee anti-corruption and integrityBonnoffspring12/31/25
Trainee for the CONNEX Support UnitBonn
New Call to Apply for Life Changing GIZ Jobs (over 80 positions on offer)
New Call to Apply for Life Changing GIZ Jobs (over 80 positions on offer)

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