Project Officer We Lead at Hivos Kenya

Project Officer We Lead at Hivos Kenya

Region: East Africa

Office: Nairobi, Kenya

Hours: Full time

Application deadline: May 24, 2023

We Lead is a new, inspiring, innovative and far-reaching program aiming to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRH-R) of young women from four specific groups: who live with HIV, that have a disability, who identify as lesbian, bisexual, trans or intersex, and who are affected by displacement. The program truly puts these young women rights holders in the driving seat, while supporting them to impactful and sustainably advocate for their SRH-R.

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Project Officer We Lead at Hivos Kenya
Project Officer We Lead at Hivos Kenya

The program will be implemented in nine countries in Africa, the Middle East and Central America. The We Lead consortium consists of six civil society organizations (Positive VibesRestless DevelopmentMarsaFEMNET, the Central American Women’s Fund, Hivos). The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also part of the partnership. Hivos is the lead party.

The We Lead program supports young women’s’ groups and organizations. We connect these rightsholders with one another in local Communities of Action (CoAs) and support and coach them, so that they are better able to advocate for, claim, protect, and promote their SRH-R. For a start, they will localise the overarching We Lead Theory of Change. A local CoA-facilitator will guide the CoAs. We Lead supports with funding (through an innovative participatory grant-making mechanism) and capacity strengthening and coaching initiatives.

The program started in January 2021 and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the SRHR Partnership Fund, which is part of the Strengthening Civil Society subsidy framework.

Main goal of the position

The project officer (PO) supports the setting up and functioning of the CoAs, as well as the development, approval and implementation of organizational level and joint project proposals, and ensures these processes are developed in line with agreed procedures. S/he/they ensures contracts with local organizations are signed and checks on progress and deliverables.

She/he/they is responsible for upholding We Lead values and principles and translating them into practice. The PO coordinates the delivery of sound country level narrative plans and reports, that visualise activities and results of local organizations, joint CoA-activities and Hivos. These contribute to the overarching We Lead plans and reports. In doing so, s/he/they will closely work together with the Hivos financial officer, the DMEL officer, as well as with the CoA facilitator, amongst others.

She/he/they participates in the regional management team and plays an active role in coordinating activities in the field of capacity strengthening, lobby and advocacy, learning, etc. with consortium partners and local organizations, as well as with the relevant Hivos staff. Next to that, the PO will share progress and results of the program to both the global program management team as well as Hivos colleagues in other countries and global office.

She/he/they is also responsible for the preparation of stories and content for website, media and other channels and the organization of internal and external events. The PO will assist the Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (DMEL) officer in outcome harvesting, narrative assessment and other reporting needed. The PO will work as a team with the DMEL officer, the financial officer, the linking and learning specialist, amongst others.


Result areas and result descriptions

Program design

  • Supports the CoAs in developing their localized ToC, plans and (in coordination with the financial officer) budget, in line with guidelines
  • Supports and guides local organizations in the development of their individual or joint plans and proposals for SRH-R lobby and advocacy, and including activities on capacity strengthening.
  • Contributes to the development of Hivos’ overarching We Lead planning, and particularly to the design of innovative elements of the program, in particular the functioning of the CoAs, as well as the design of a participatory grant-making mechanism.

Implementation of work plans

  • Realizes successful implementation in accordance with the specific goals, working methods and budgets of the projects.
  • Supports and guides local organizations in the development of their individual or joint plans and proposals.

  • Participates in participatory grant-making mechanisms.
  • Ensures contracts with local organizations and host organizations are established.
  • Coordinates with CoAs, with consortium members and with Hivos’ staff around capacity strengthening and advocacy activities.
  • Ensures Hivos’ own activities are implemented according to plan.

Monitoring & control

  • Monitors progress towards established goals in CoAs, and in the organizational level or joint project plans, and flags in the Hivos overarching management team when problems arise.
  • Relates progress to the overarching We Lead plans.

Coordination and collaboration

  • Throughout the process of project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, the PO plays a proactive role in coordinating with the CoA facilitator, with the organizations that participate in the CoA, with the host organization, with consortium members and with the regional and global Hivos team.
  • Actively contributes to and supports activities at the national and regional level, such as research, advocacy campaigns, learning events, etc.

Sharing, learning, and quality improvement

  • Identifies, analyses and highlights success and good practices, as well as potential risks and problems.
  • Proposes solutions for identified problems and follows-up on those.
  • Contributes to identifying and sharing positive stories.

  • Collaborates with the CoAs, the consortium members, and Hivos’ capacity strengthening officer, in the design and realization of exchange and learning events.
  • Contributes to reflection and learning on both the national and regional level, as well as on the wider programmatic level.


This is a medior position for nationals or residents of the concerned country:

  • Relevant degree or equivalent work experience, and academic level of working and thinking.
  • Minimum of three to five years of relevant working experience.
  • Work experience in working with civil society, in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and working in international teams.
  • Expertise in working on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRH-R) or with one or several of the rightsholder groups.
  • Keen on ensuring ownership by local organizations, and in finding innovative and creative solutions to realize goals.
  • Work experience in an international environment.
  • Flexible attitude, creative, supports Hivos’ and We Leads values, has a progressive and positive view on SRH-R and the leadership of rightsholders.
  • Full professional proficiency in English, French and / or Portuguese is a preference.
  • Job skills: communication, project management, independence, creativity, collaboration
  • Level skills: conceptual skills, persuasiveness, decisiveness

We particularly welcome applications of young women and/or persons that belongs to one or the rightsholder groups.

Want to apply?

Kindly send your resume and motivation letters by date 24th May 2023.


About Hivos

Hivos is an international development organization guided by humanist values. Together with citizens and their organizations, we aim to contribute towards just, inclusive and life sustaining societies where people have equal access to opportunities, rights and resources. We work in partnership with others in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America on three impact areas: Civic Rights in a Digital AgeGender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Climate Justice. Our approach is solution drive

Project Officer We Lead at Hivos Kenya

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