United Nations Grades, Salaries and qualifications required.

Different United Nations Grades offers an opportunity for individuals to apply for positions. The United Nations offers jobs in categories that range from internships, volunteers, consultancy, professionals, specialists, general services, directors, service agreements, national officers, managers, international personnel service agreements to directors. The United Nations salary scales like with many other organizations varies with experience, qualifications and type of contract. The International Civil Service Commission outlines the United Nations Common System which highlights the United Nations grades ,salary scales benefits and entitlements of UN staff that are reviewed periodically.

The United Nations Grades constitutes of professional and higher categories that are classified as P1-P7. The requirements to qualify for the professional positions can better be understood as follows:

Level     Average Net Annual Salary                 Entry requirements

P1         USD$38 523                                           0-1 year of experience

P2         USD$49 254                                          minimum of 2 years of work experience required

P3        USD$62 692                                          5 years of work experience required

P4        USD$75,602                                          minimum of 7 years of work experience required

P5        USD$90 664                                          minimum of 10 years of work experience required

P6/D1   USD$103 660                                      minimum of 15 years of work experience required

P7/D2 USD$114 666                                       more than 15 years of work experience required

More details can be found on the following link UN Careers

General Services is another category of United Nations grades that one can qualify to work under. They are locals of a given country or location who are paid depending on the local salary scale. They benefit from medical insurance from companies that the United Nations work with. Staff in this category are usually known as G posts

National Professional Officers constitute a category through which individuals can join the United Nations. They are recruited locally and vacancies are advertised abbreviated with NO.

Field Service Professionals are another example through which citizens usual Internationals qualify to work with the United Nations. These professionals usually undertake peacekeeping operations and key political missions. The United Nations recruits this category of staff as International staff who benefits from same salaries given to professional and higher categories i.e global scale and post adjustment as defined by the international civil service commission. The exact benefits are determined by the duty station that one is placed under.

United Nations Grades: Field professionals are clustered in the following levels and salaries

FS1 -Field Service Level 1 –

FS2-Field Service Level 2-        Annual average Salary is between USD$30 999-USD$53 999

FS3-Field Service Level 3-

FS4-Field Service Level 4-       Annual average salary is between USD$42 999-USD$67 999

FS5-Field Service Level 5-                           

FS6-Field Service Level 6

FS7-Field Service Level 7        Annual average salary is estimated USD$56 999-USD$89 999

United Nations Grades: Junior Professional Officers

They are professionals recruited under the P2 level and usually aged between 25 and 35 years . This is usually determined by the sponsoring country policy. Most Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) are candidates of sponsoring countries although countries like Sweden, Netherlands offer sponsorship to candidates of developing countries. To be eligible for a JPO post one needs to possess some of the following qualifications:

-A first Bachelor’s / Honors degree or a master’s degree in an area required to fulfil job descriptions.

-Between 2-4 years of work experience, 2 years possessing a master’s degree or 4 years possessing a first degree

-Proficiency in any one the United Nations language I,e English, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese. A working knowledge of a second language from the above is highly encouraged.

United Nations Grades : Volunteers

Volunteers possess first degree or equivalent , Masters degrees or Phd

-Volunteers are aged between 27-80 years of age and are categorised as International and National Volunteers

-International Volunteers can be in the category of experts, specialists, youths, university same as National Volunteers who can even expand to be part time and full time community volunteers

United Nations Grades : Internships

They are holders of a first bachelors or honours degree with no experience depending on the position advertised. Interns can possess a master’s degree, PhD degree.

-The idea of undertaking an internship with the United Nations is to enable individuals to gain experience, skills as they build their career either with the United Nations or other organisations.

-Most Internships are now being paid up although there are still internships that are not paid for.

-Internships can last between 2 weeks to 9 months depending on the needs of the hiring unit

-Interns usually cater for their living costs, medical insurance, accommodation and travel unless clearly specified

-Interns are recruited from various backgrounds such as political sciences, social sciences, medical sciences, natural sciences, food and agriculture, humanities, arts, communication among other relevant field of study

-Internships allows one to gain hands on experience

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